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TERMS & CONDITIONS is a hassle free ticketless, ticket buying website (unless otherwise specified, the Tickets will be in electronic form "e-tickets"). The site is a free service for promoters and venues. The site allows 24 hour access for both the Promoter and the Customer and has an up to the minute account of ticket sales for the Promoter. The Promoter is able to alter the amount of tickets available for sale, as required and can see a real time record of all tickets sold. is a user friendly site, which makes it simple to both buy and sell tickets. Promoters can design their own page and upload their flyer, or Youtube videos easily. Promoters can make instant changes to their event details, as required. We have taken care to make the processes as simple as possible. is a secure website, with secure payment facilities and a dedicated team to answer all queries 24/7.

There are no processing charges and promoters are paid the full face value of tickets sold within 48 hours of the end of their event via bank transfer. In the event of a cancellation of an event, promoters will not be paid, but the Customer will be offered a refund of the face value of the ticket.

In purchasing a Ticket to the Event, the Customer agrees to and accepts that is selling the Ticket on behalf of the Event Promoter. is acting as the agent of the Event Promoter in respect of the sale of Tickets. Any contract arising out of the sale of a Ticket shall be between the Event Promoter and the Customer. The Event Promoter reserves the right to alter or vary the Event and the Customer will not be entitled to a refund or exchange of the Tickets, except in the event of a cancellation of the event.

Where specified, Tickets may be sent to the Customer in hard copy form via post. Where this is the case, will endeavour to post Tickets in time for their arrival prior to the date of the Event, via a tracked postal service. reserves the right to make the hard copy Tickets available for collection at the venue box office, immediately prior to the Event, where delivery by post in time for the event cannot be guaranteed.

E-tickets will be sent with a unique ticket number. The customer must produce proof of their name at the box office and once a unique number has been accounted for, anyone else arriving with the same number, will be turned away.

The Booking Fee is a non-refundable fee charged by and payable by the Customer for every Ticket sold. The Booking Fee is set as percentage of the Price of a Ticket and will be made known to the Customer when the Customer places an order for the Ticket. In the event of a cancelled event, the Customer will only be refunded the face value of the ticket. 

Promoters agree to put the logo on flyers and all adverting material.

All users agree to abide by the terms of the site. By uploading an event or purchasing a ticket, ALL users agree to the terms of the site. ALL users agree to abide by the laws of England and Wales including but not limited to laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content. Changes to the Terms will be effective the moment the modified Terms are posted on the Site. reserve the right to remove any content deemed unacceptable. provides an online box office and social networking service. The free email and social media advertising service available, will help promote events to a wider audience.

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